Cyber Re:coded is a new cyber security event designed to show you exactly what a job in cyber security looks like, what exciting innovation is shaping the industry, and put you in touch with your future employers.

With a rise in hacking attacks and more and more devices becoming connected, everything we do everyday needs a level of security and people to make sure our businesses and digitally-connected society are resilient to cyber attacks .

The UK (and the world) is in desperate need for more people to take on these jobs of the future, there are thousands of unfilled jobs in this area and you don’t need to have a technical background.

Whether you want to spot and analyse the latest threats; design resilient digital cities, cars or games; stop counterfeiting in media, clothes and pharmaceuticals; reverse-engineer mobile apps; shape new laws; profile cyber criminals; or develop cyber services in the age of AI and Quantum computing… the cyber security industry needs you! … and the possibilities of where your career could go in terms of role and sector are endless!

Cyber Re:coded is brought to you by the team at Cyber Security Challenge UK and is backed by the UK Government.

Interested in attending?

Cyber Re:coded will open the door to a world of opportunities in cyber security. Meet potential employers, speak to cyber professionals about their day-to-day life and learn more about the new and exciting technology trends. If you are looking for a well-paid, varied career, then Cyber Re:coded is must-visit show for you.

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