Talks - Monday 15th October
11:20 - 11:45The importance of cyber security to a content creatorSocial media superstar, Gadgets BoyTomi Adebayo is a software developer turned content creator; with tens of thousands of followers. He will be talking about his journey as a content creator and how important security is to his profession.
12:00 - 13:00PANEL
Getting Past The Gatekeepers
Chair: Daniel Nash, CSCUK contestant
Chlöe Ungar, Hedgehog Cyber Security
Brett Calderbank, IT Lab
Jack Wilson, Stroz Friedberg, Aon
James Stevenson, BT
Breaking into the information security industry can be daunting! What if I don’t know enough? How should I specialise? Are certifica- tions worth it? Every person starting out in information security goes through this state of flux. This panel will discuss, this, from the perspec- tives of people just starting their professional careers.
13:15 - 13:35Redefining the approach to the human aspect of cyber securityOz Alashe , CybsafeAn exploration of societal changes and how modern organisations are using innovative technology, behavioural science and data to connect with users, empower teams and measure results.
13:50 - 14:15Learning The Ropes - An Introduction to Offensive Security
[Explicit Content]
Andy Gill (@Zephrfish), Pentest PartnersAndy Gill, ex Cyber Security Challenge contestant and now successful pentester shares some of the basics you need to get you from zero to junior pentester, sharing content from his hugely successful e-book on Learning the Ropes in Infosec.
14:30 - 15:25PANEL
Cyber Secuity - where do I start?
Chair: Dan Raywood, Infosecurity Magazine
Safiyyah Azizan, BT
Peter Komisarczuk , Royal Holloway University
Daisy MacDonald, National Grid
Mary Sansom, QA
This panel brings together people from across the cyber security industry to share their journey into the sector and their top tips for helping you get started.
15:40 - 16:00How to get your CV shortlistedCorinne Mills, Personal Career ManagementCome and listen to career guru Corinne Mills, the leading career coach, Managing Director of Personal Career Management and author of the UK’s best-selling cv book. In this lively presentation, she’ll be sharing the inside tricks on how to get your CV shortlisted for the jobs you want. This 20 minute presentation could transform your career.
16:15 - 16:35Nowhere Off LimitsRichard De Vere, The AntiSocial Engineer Limited & James Linton, Agari and former Email PranksterSocial engineering, or the art of manipulation, is linked to some of the most common types of cyber security attacks. Join Richard and James who will talk about their rather unconventional jobs, how you could become a social engineer and where social engineering stops and pranking starts – helping you stay on the right side of the law.
16:50 - 17:10From practitioner to professional: Securing the right cyber skillsSteve Furnell, IISP & University of PlymouthCyber security skills are in both high demand and short supply; cre- ating a challenging context for those looking to hire talent, and a strong opportunity for those that have the skills to offer. Practitioners and professionals are not synonymous, and so we need a means to spot the difference. However, with hundreds of qualifications and certifications available, understanding the landscape can be a challenge. Individuals need to have the right skills, and organisations need a way to identify those they need.
17:25 - 17:4520 – Above & Beyond, changing lightbulbs and hexadecimalsBryan Campbell, ProofpointHaving recently turned 40 without any fanfare, Bryan realised he had spent 20 years in ‘IT’, his journey took him from IBM, to Fujitsu helping out the NCSC and now to Proofpoint. Whilst these are huge names, Bryan won’t ever forget changing lightbulbs for a living as part of
a helpdesk role, and or breaking an exchange server because of incorrect calculations of disk size spacing. His talk will reflect on the companies, the people and experience he has gathered over 20 years in cyber security, and the Cyber Security Challenge initiative.
18:00 - 18:20Move fast and break thingsCraig Gonzales, BTIn 2013 Craig ran an education business in SE Asia. Now he is Head of Ethical Hacking for BT Security. In this talk will walk the audience through the practical steps he set out for himself when he decided to change career and give advice on how others can do the same.
18:30 - 19:45PANEL
“You’re Hired!“
Chair: Colin Lobley, Cyber Security Challenge UK
Rob Smith, PwC
Deborah Saffer, Royal Mail
Oscar O'Connor, Cognizant
James Stanger, CompTIA
Would you like to know what top employers are looking for in cyber recruits? Do you want to make yourself hireable? Our panel of cyber experts share their knowledge and advice about the best cyber se- curity hires and how you could get a job in their companies, whether you are a recent grad, early career expert or someone changing into cyber from a completely different career.

Talks - Tuesday 16th October
10:20 - 10:40Different Careers in Cyber – it isn’t just hacking!Oscar O’Connor, CognizantThe general perception of careers in cyber security is that they are all highly technical and require rare and difficult to acquire skills. The reality is that there are some roles for which that description would be apt, but the majority do not – skills acquired in many different disciplines can be successfully deployed in the world of cyber security and the broader a range of skills and experience a team possesses, the more likely they are to be able to solve whole problems. This talk discusses what cyber security involves in terms of what we protect, the characteristics of a “secure organisation” and the three main career pathways available in the security industry.
10:55 - 11:50PANEL: Challenge AssembleChair: Rae McClelland
James Hickie, CSCUK contestant
Erhan Temurkan, Arqiva
Rajiv Shah, CSCUK contestant
Lucy Robson, QinetiQ
Cyber Security Challenge UK is designed to help talented people secure jobs in cyber security through competitions and events. How do you go from CTFs and careers fairs to getting your first job? What are the barriers and what help is out there? Our panel of Challengers will talk you through their journeys, their tips and advice.
12:05 - 12:25How to get your CV shortlistedCorinne Mills, Personal Career ManagementCome and listen to career guru Corinne Mills, the leading career coach, Managing Director of Personal Career Management and author of the UK’s best-selling cv book. In this lively presentation, she’ll be sharing the inside tricks on how to get your CV shortlisted for the jobs you want. This 20 minute presentation could transform your career.
12:40 - 13:00The Sorceror’s Apprentice(ship)Andy Lilly, Armour CommsSuccessful apprenticeships need a little sprinkling of magic to work well and some employers (and their potential future employees) have not yet recognised the value of apprenticeships. As an enthusiastic and successful SME employer of apprentices, Andy Lilly talks about the highlights and pitfalls of modern apprenticeships.
13:15 - 13:35Everyone knows an ant, can’t, move a rubber tree plantClare Johnson, University of South WalesClare will share her journey into cyber security, from being a keen musician - even studying a music degree, through to her gaming and problem solving hobbies, to becoming an IT teacher and ultimately heading up a cyber security team at the University of South Wales, working with industry, government and law enforcement.
13:50 - 14:10Back to the ClassroomMarion Dakers, BAE SystemsCyber security needs candidates with more than technical skills – which was handy for Marion, who had stuck with humanities since getting an IT GNVQ aged 16. In this talk she will cover her move from newspaper journalism to a government-sponsored retraining scheme and a new job in threat intel at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, and how to establish yourself in a technical industry with a CV that could be shortened to “good at chatting”.
13:50 - 14:10The Space BetweenNicky Dewhurst, DarktraceAt Darktrace, Cambridge mathematicians have developed machine learning as one way of responding to the increased speed, quantity and novelty of cyber-threats. Their team will talk about the changing technology in the industry and skills needed from people to comple- ment this, including immunology, geopolitics and, of course, human behavior.
15:00 - 15:20Cyber TrendsStuart Peck (@cybersecstu), Zero Day LabsWhat are the biggest threats we face that pose a danger to our businesses, our customers and ourselves? What kind of people are carrying out these attacks? A brief introduction into some of the most common and often overlooked attacks and also some of the most sophisticated and interesting attacks businesses and individuals face in an ever-evolving cyber world.
15:40 - 16:50PANEL: Cyber IncorporatedChair: Dan Raywood, Infosecurity Magazine
Samantha Neath, BAE Systems
Stephanie Kane, Avast
Chani Simms, Meta Defence Labs
Sam Omolere, Smart Safe
Steph Aldridge, Cyber Security Challenge UK
This panel looks at the need for the cyber security industry to be as diverse as possible in order to capitalise on the widest range of skills and knowledge. We will cover topics including gender diversity, LGBT, ethnicity and neurodiversity.

Live performances: Theramin Hero - laser harp and theramin digital music spectacular
Greig AKA Theramin Hero is a software engineer by day, but he is also a music-making mastermind who loves gaming, gadgets, programming and, of course, music. These amazing performances are live, digital music concerts and are truly spectacular. Warning - flashing lights & lasers during performances.
Monday 15th October13:0016:0018:15
Tuesday 16th October11:4513:3015:15

In addition to all of the programme above, there will be the following activities and facilities on site to drop-in at any time
AntiSocial EngineeringThis workshop will be delivered by the fantastic team at The AntiSocial Engineer. You will learn about typical social engineering tactics used by hackers across the world and understand how people can be hacked, even easier than machines can.
Activities include: SMShing scandals, Phishing Phoolery, Dumpster Diving and Social Media Meddling.
Drop in activity
This is a drop-in activity centre and requires no booking but please have patience at busy times of the show if there is a queue.
Unlocking Your PotentialThe amazingly talented security team at BT bring you a physical security challenge to test your problem solving, agility and determination. Tackle their lock-picking challenge, learn how to beat digital locks and understand how physical security affects online security too.Bookable on-site
These sessions will be bookable on-site. Please make sure you book your slot as soon as possible with the BT team to avoid disappointment.
Career CoachingTalk to the UK’s leading career coaches from Personal Career Management, for a turbo-boost to your career within the cyber-security sector. Learn how to get short-listed for the jobs you want. Get some feedback on your CV and applica- tions. Explore your career options.Bookable on-site
These fast-track 10-minute career coaching sessions will be in very high demand so visit their stand early to book a place for later that day.

Activities & Facilities
Get hands on in the world of cyber security and careers with our interactive workshops.
Exhibition ZoneWe have dozens of the UK’s top employers in cyber security ready and waiting to talk to you about cyber careers. Explore our exhibion zone and you could meet your future employers, find an industry mentor or pick up top tips about the industry.
Gaming ZoneVisit our gaming zone and test out the latest cyber security games, including CyberCenturion, Cyber Discovery and Cyber Games. We also have a live Capture-the-Flag competition, brought to you by the team at E2E-Assure.
Innovation ZoneVisit our Innovation Zone, brought to you by IISP and HM Government. Discover the latest technology and cyber security developments coming to the market today.
Recharge ZoneRecharge yourself and your phone in our chill-out zone. This is our quiet area at the show, where you can rest and recuperate and make sure you are fully charged for the day, as well as charging your phone in our charge points.
Neuron RaceNeuron Race is a test of reflexes and coordination as players rush to be the first to turn their lights off in this fast-paced game of agility.
Digital Graffiti WallIt’s graffiti for the 21st century – infrared technology allows the use of authentic spray cans to be used to create fantastic artwork with no mess and fumes – just spray directly onto our 8 foot wall for instant vibrant masterpieces!.
Video Diary BoothTell us your thoughts about the cyber security industry and our event in our fun video booth. You could feature, not only on the Re:coded website, but in the advertising and marketing of all of our events!
Photo BoothBrought to you by the team at Harry and Edge have fun and get silly in our photo booth
CateringThere is food and drinks available to buy on-site from our street food outlet, please bring cash with your for these purchases.
CloakroomThere is a cloakroom available at registration, items cost £1 each per day and are left at the owner’s risk.