Cyber careers

Daniel Holder

My journey into the cyber industry started at a young age creating programs and reverse engineering malware found online from my own bedroom while at school. Due to my love of computers I decided to peruse a degree in Computer Science and managed to get a place on the graduate scheme at National Grid for cyber security.

Top tips for those considering cyber as a career
Don’t think you need a degree in Computer Science/Security to land a job in the cyber space. I know a load of people who have come to cyber without degrees or specialising and they are doing great. Try to follow some infosec twitters/blogs/news sites to keep up to date with developments, this is essential as cyber is fast paced and constantly changing. Don’t be afraid to ask for help/guidance when you need it!

Three Top Traits of a cyber professional
1. Problem Solver
2. Team Worker
3. Communication

Best experience so far in my job
My best experience so far would probably be performing a full forensic analysis of a machine. It was a great learning experience as I had not used a lot of the tools used for forensic analysis before. It was interesting to build up a timeline of events as to how the machine got infected.

Certifications and Training
In my opinion most of the skills and knowledge needed to work in the cyber industry can be self-taught using freely available resources however I have heard good things about SANS courses.

Other Things to Consider
There are many areas in cyber to make your mark, you will most likely be able to find a role that you enjoy! If you want to get a taster for what a job in cyber might be like try to attend a CSC event!