Cyber careers

Jade Wenban

Jade Wenban is the Managing Director of the AntiSocial Engineer Limited. She shares her journey into the cyber security industry with us and dispells common myths about the sector being ‘a man’s game’ and all about tech. 

The cybersecurity industry was quite daunting to me on approach, my partner is a social engineer who ran a small infosec company and I got to understand the basics by hearing of his jobs and attending events together. It was a complete career change entering InfoSec but slowly I picked up the essentials, I always had an interest in technology but when it came to working in information security I assumed there would be barriers, essential qualifications and reasons why I couldn’t be part of it.

My partner handled the techie stuff and at that time the business was young, it was a hobby that paid well really. Thinking on my feet I knew I wouldn’t be able to add much in the way of the technicals – I knew nothing of hacking! But I did know how to organise my partner… I began making changes that were needed for the business which showed an instant return and improvement. Bills were paid on time, the calendar started to get used, business development and planning began. I introduced SMShing as Service as it seemed daft to me that people had phishing assessments but no-one tested for SMShing messages.

Based on the results, after a month my partner put me in charge making me managing director and we have not looked back since.

A lot of other women I’ve spoken too seem to be surprised of the change but I feel many more women could play a role in the industry, at school the careers advice rhetoric was wrongly men do the typical male jobs and women go off and be hairdressers or beauty therapists and play with flowers and such. After joining The AntiSocial Engineer Limited I feel annoyed that I didn’t get into the InfoSec industry sooner – the people are friendly, every day you get to make a change to someone’s life for the better and I feel true achievement at the end of a week.

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