Cyber careers


Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Sam and data scientist within the NCCU (National Cyber Crime Unit). I work with data from a variety of sources in many different formats. For instance I recently had to take data seized during an investigation to build profiles about some of the most prolific cyber criminals to further our operational response and enhance our  view of the cyber-crime landscape. I work with a team of six people with a range of diverse backgrounds. In the last year I’ve travelled to the USA, the Netherlands and all around the UK.

Can you tell us a little about your career path and what attracted you to the role you are now in? 

I have an undergraduate degree in French and a Masters in Countering organised crime and terrorism. While my background is very relevant to the role, my colleagues have degrees in a diverse range of subjects including computer science and chemistry. This area is of real importance to me as I know of individuals who have been victims of cybercrime previously and I wanted to contribute to preventing others becoming victims.

What do you enjoy about the job you are in?

I enjoy working collaboratively with teams across the National Crime Agency (NCA). During a recent critical incident, I enjoyed working at pace to aid the operational teams and seeing the story and efforts behind the news articles. The NCA has sent me on a lot of internal and external training courses, I’ve had the opportunity to learn to program in Python and Apache Spark. My managers encourage me to learn new skills and suggest new ways of working. We also get flexi-time which helps to manage my work life balance.

Is there any advice you would like to give to candidates applying to cyber jobs – particularly in the NCCU/NCA? 

The team is very diverse and welcoming, there isn’t a standard person so apply if you are interested and feel you can contribute. Being passionate about tackling organised and serious crime is the most important thing. We’re proud to protect the public.


If you are interested in cyber careers at the National Crime Agency you can speak to them at Cyber Re:coded, or find out more here